After Dinner Magic

After the dessert just sit back and enjoy a sparkling magical cabaret, tailored for your event. An interactive show guaranteed to create gasps, laughter and applause as your guests are caught up in Jon’s magic.

“Your magic and entertainment was thoroughly enjoyed by all"

Some of your guests, especially the day’s guests of honour, will become the stars of the show as they assist with Jon’s amazing “miracles”.

Ropes shrink and grow then join together, handkerchiefs change colour, signed pictures change places, a borrowed banknote may have a surprising adventure, cards rise out of the pack and solid steel rings link and unlink inexplicably. Some or all of these items will be included in your programme, which will usually run for 30/45 minutes but can be extended by arrangement.

After-dinner cabaret magic is suitable for groups as small as 10/15 or as many as several hundred and can be presented on stage or dance floor or by the dinner table for the smaller party.

A magic show is the perfect way to round off the day or start the evening’s activities.

Keep your guests entertained with magic before, during and after the meal by booking walkaround magic, table magic and after-dinner magic as a complete package. They will enjoy it.