This website deals with the theme of the Olympics and contains numerous unique articles. For instance, one of these explains the broadcast history of the games. It delves into the formats of radio, television and the internet. Other parts of the blog are more focused on the sports which take place during the Olympics, such as fencing.

The Olympics in the Media

The Olympics is depicted in a plethora of fiction. Some of the articles on this blog talk about the best examples of this. They include the iconic sports film, Cool Runnings which portrays a fictionalised account of the first Jamaican bobsleigh team.

Another article lists the many references to the Olympics found in the television programme Doctor Who. This is a popular science fiction show about an alien who can travel backwards and forwards in time. Therefore, he has visited different Olympic Games in the past and future. He even mentions going to the very first one.

The blog also looks at the life of Eddie the Eagle, a beloved British Olympian. He was a less than successful ski jumper who won the hearts of the public due to his efforts. The blog talks about the biopic based on his colourful life.


Gambling on the Olympics can be an enjoyable activity. It is done by a large number of people during this event. Betting sites tend to allow users to place wagers on most of the sports found at the Games. One of the articles on this blog gives advice on the best ones to bet on.

This includes a wide range of sports such as swimming, gymnastics and martial arts. The article explains why they appeal to members of the gambling community. This advice should prove useful for those who want to win money from the Olympics potentially.