15 greatest teams in Olympic all time (Part 3)

Olympic is the international sport festival attacking millions of professional athletes and fans from other sports like running, swimming, hockey, volleyball, football…All players compete with the best passion and willingness to bring pride and reputation for their nations.

In this article, we will discuss top 15 best team in Olympic all the time. 

Actually, per season of Olympic we can see good performance to reach the Champions. So, they are the best. However, we try to find some outstanding teams with special records to contribute historical events.

5, The American Men’s Basketball Team in 2008 season

Basketball of the USA always dominate the ranking in many times. Above all, the 2008 season was the most successful with many records.

During the tournament, the team always won against any competitors by a minimum 20 points, except the final match, they only defeated the Spain with 11 points. This was the lowest achievement but it was extremely high and surprising for any basketball event.

Under managed by two coaches- Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, this team expressed perfect performance as well professional skills to become a great team which is difficult to find someone to compare or rival.

6, The America Men’s and Women’s Swim Teams in 1976 season

Whereas the USA Men’s swim team usually dominate top ranking of swimming internationally, the USA Women’s team has faced stronger opponents like the German women’s team…

However, the 1976 season was the most successful for both swimming team when they reached total 27 of 39 medals. This record was surprising for both teams.

In fact, the men’s team got 12 of 13 gold and the women’s team got 11 of 13 gold, including enough types like freestyle, medley relay. Besides it, the women’s team also reached four silvers and two bronzes to make impressive achievement about swimming.