15 greatest teams in Olympic all time (Part 4)

In this article, we continue to share the greatest teams ever in Olympics at other sports.

As referred, Olympic is the most import event about sport in the world which collects all the best athletes to join.

So, any achievement in Olympics should be respected and remark a memorial event in professional career.

7, The Dutch speed skating team in 2014







About skating, the Dutch team always dominate the ranking with series of medals.

During the skating history in Olympics, the Dutch has collected about 105 medals including three medals types.

The best achievement is speed skating. New generation usually overcome the former records excellently.

In 2014, the Dutch continued to break the record when they got 24 of 36 medals in this game. There were 21 individual medals and 3 team medals. They had broken record about the most gold medals of one national team in one Olympics season.

They became the most unique dominants in history of the Olympics. They overcame limit of the former team and reach great prizes.

8, The USA women gymnastic team in 2012






This team owned top the best athletes in gym like Magnificent Seven, Fierce Five, Kerri Strug to become the best gymnastic team during history of the Olympics.

This team was considered as the best team when they expressed as the most professions with iconic moments and style.

The season in 2012 was extremely successfully when all team connected and supported to create new achievements for all team.

9, The USA beach volleyball in 2012






Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings became the most dominant couple to dominate beach volleyball.

By incredible talent and passion for volleyball, two players created series of achievements as well gold medals for the USA team.

Their competitive spirit was so good when they always expressed passion and happiness to spectators. This was a special type for any team.