15 greatest teams in Olympic all time (Part 5)

Here we continue to check top 15 greatest teams in Olympic event all the time. Any pro athlete wishes to touch to medal of Olympic as a memorial event for their career. Because Olympic is to collect many talented players from all over the world.

Finding top 15 greatest teams is difficult because they not only reach high rewards, they also make impressive by some ways.

10, The USA Men’s Rowing in 1936

The Olympics in 1936 was held in Germany. From many years ago, the German men dominated rowing. And the only opponent of the German was the Italy men. They were two the most potential teams for winning. 

By somehow, the USA rowing man could go the final rowing match to face with the German. So, Germany was expected to reach the gold medal in this time. Especially they were received cheering up warmly from fans of the host.

As prediction, some first minutes, the German was excellent to overcome the U.S team. All people considered that the German would win. However, in some last few minutes, the U.S team changed status. They were strong to speed up and go the final line sooner than the German men to win finally. It was a surprising event in Olympic history about dramatic fashion.

11, The Cuba women’s volleyball in 2000

The fact, Cuba was not a successful team in Olympics, exception volleyball women team. The Cuba women’s team has dominated some events of this decade. 

Coming the Olympic 2000 in the former champion of last season, this team was not confident when all athletes were old and not enough energic as before.

In the final match, they faced with the Russia team which was appreciated as the strongest team in this time. It was a tough challenge for the Cuba.

In the first two sets, the Russia team won as prediction. However, the Cuba team changed result in the last three sets to reach 3-2 scores finally.

In this event, Torres in the Cuba was voted for “the Best female player of the 20thcentury”. This was a sweet result for effort of the Cuba team.