About history of the ancient Olympic games

Olympics is considered as the biggest sport festival in the world which all the best players and athletes come, compete and brighten to become the Champion of the global. All prizes in Olympics are dream of any player when they start to practice officially and seriously one sport.

Olympic game is the most import sport event to connect people all over the world to the same feeling, target and dream.

In this article, we share history of the ancient Olympic games which was the first period of Olympic. To build up and organize the international event like nowadays, Olympics has a long history under many versions and changes.

In general, the ancient Olympic Games was organized to honor Zeus the father of the gods and goddesses. So, it was considered as a part of religious festival in the Greek. Because the local believed the Zeus, so they were warmly happy to join this sport festival.

The first event was held in Olympia in a rural site in the West of Peloponnesos. This event was only chosen male for participation. The male came from many corners of the Greek in the world. They went this event to express respect to the God. Even some nations were very far like Spain, Turkey, they still were expected to register this event.

Until now, we can visit the sanctuary where the Olympic games of the Greek happen. It was named after Mt. Olympic which was the highest mountain in the Greek mainland. The local considered that MT. Olympic was home of the Gods and goddesses. So, they respected and used it for the best important events.

In this time, almost people preferred to join the station race from this city to other cities. It was held every four years one time during 12 centuries.