This blog is focused on the theme of the Olympic Games. This is a modern sporting event that has ties to Ancient Greece. In its current form, the Olympics are split into two sports competitions which take place during the summer and winter. Many nations send their athletes to the Olympic Games in the hope of winning medals.

There are several reasons why the Olympics was chosen as the main focus of this blog. The main one is that this event has a wide appeal. People from all over the world watch it. This means that the topic will be of interest to many internet users.

No doubt there may be people reading this blog who want to possibly become an Olympic athlete in the future. One of the main goals of this site is to inspire the general public. If they want to reach a level of athletic excellence, then there are several tips provided on the blog.

Layout of the Blog

Each article deals with a unique aspect of the Olympics. Readers can look through them and pick one that best suits their interest. Alternatively, they can read the entire thing. This is recommended as it will give a much greater overview of the Olympics.

The articles use simple language that is free from jargon. It should be accessible enough for most internet users. They are also relatively short, so readers do not have to commit too much of their time. Efforts have been made to fit in as much interesting info as possible.