Doctor Who Olympics

Doctor Who is one of the longest-running televisions shows made in Britain. It is a science fiction programme about an alien called the Doctor, who travels through time and space with human companions. Over the years, Doctor Who has made references to the Olympic Games numerous times.

The Doctor, at one point, tells his companion that he used his time machine to visit the first-ever Olympics. He even offers two humans the chance to go on a trip to this event. The Doctor meets Alexander the Great during the year of the 114th Olympics. This occurred in an audio episode called Farewell, Great Macedon. Since the Doctor can travel forward in time, he has been to several future Olympic Games. This has include ones held in Havana during 2040 and Paris in the year 2048.

Fear Her

Fear Her is an episode from the show which takes place on the day of the 2012 Olympics opening in London. The Doctor investigates the case of a young girl called Chloe, who has a mysterious power. When she draws people, they disappear without a trace. When Chloe draws the Olympic stadium, everyone in the crowd for the games vanishes. There is then a frantic race to save all the disappeared victims.

The Olympic torch is an essential item in this episode. Its heat is used to disrupt an alien threat. The Doctor also describes it as a critical symbol of human courage and hope. Towards the end of the episode, the torch bearer collapses. The Doctor then grabs the torch and lights the Olympic flame himself.

Fear Her came out in 2006, six years before London hosted the games in real life. It clearly reflects the excitement at the time. The people of the city looked forward to the Olympics and took pride in providing the venue.