Eddie the Eagle

Michael Edwards is an English Olympic ski jumper who is known by his nickname Eddie the Eagle. During the 1988 Winter Games, he represented Great Britain. At the time he was the first person to do so in 60 years. However, he ended up finishing last in both the 70 m and 90 m competitions. Despite this, he was commended for his efforts.

Eddie the Eagle went on to hold records as a British ski jumper. He once jumped at a speed of 66.4 mph. During a world record attempt, he managed to jump over six buses. Over the years he continued to gain media attention and became a popular figure in the world of winter sports.

His Biopic

In 2016 a film about the life of Edwards was released. Taron Egerton played the lead with Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken in supporting roles. Eddie the Eagle was well received upon its release. It was given an Empire Award nomination and became the highest-grossing British film in 2016.

This movie takes a comedic look at the early efforts of Edwards to qualify for the Olympics. It is an inspiring, fish out of water story. Throughout the film, it becomes clear that Edwards is not skilled enough to compete with professionals. Despite this fact, his big dreams make him an endearing character.

At the start of the movie, Edwards is forced to self-train as no one will take his efforts seriously. He is shown injuring himself while attempting a 40-metre jump. Eventually, a trainer called Bronson Peary is encouraged to help him. They have very little time to train before the Olympics. Therefore they have to use unorthodox techniques. By the end of the film, Edwards is considered a national hero despite his numerous failures. The message of Eddie the Eagle is that self-improvement is more important than records.