Esports for Olympic Games 2024

It is said that the Paris Olympic bid committee will consider adding eSports to the 2024 program. The earliest video game competition is known to take place in 1972 at Stanford University and grew popularity through the ’90s, thanks to the evolution of Internet connectivity.

However, eSports only took off in the 2010s with the emergence of successful tournaments like the World Cyber Games, Intel Extreme Masters, and Major League Gaming which become more and more popular among youngsters (ages 18 to 34). The eSport has already been embraced by the Asian Games – a Pancontinental multi-sport event which is held every four years; however, should Olympics adopt eSports with the same tolerance?

Many representatives including co-president of the bid board see the eSport as an unmatched to Olympics but encourage to find some bridges. 

Despite the debate, the Paris organizers will meet with eSports representatives and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to discuss about computerized matches joining the 2024 lineup. As many young representatives said that by introducing eSports to Olympics, it would almost certainly help make the Olympics more relevant to younger generations and rejuvenate the spirit of the game. As indeed, not so many teenagers really enjoy traditional olympics games such as watching people race canoes or bat a shuttlecock over a net.

According to the AP board, the 2024 program will begin to shape in 219 and the the final decision to whether or not include eSports in Paris will be made by the IOC after the 2020 Winter Olympics in Tokyo.

The concept of a digital Olympics is not new as it used to be included a two-day pop-up event for eSports in Rio. 

As it is still in debate to whether or not to be included in Olympic, eSport is increasingly grow and shows no sign of slowing down, especially among young generations. It is obvious that the new should replace the old and eSport should definitely receive its place in the world most popular sport tournament. Do you share the same idea?