Hosting the Olympic Games: Benefits for the Host Country (Part 2)

The analysis of the eight different host countries of last 8 Olympic Games (1988-2016) shows the overall position ranking of the aforementioned countries. It is observed that seven out of eight host countries got better position in the overall position ranking in the respective Games that they hosted. The only exception is the team of Great Britain hosted.

First, South Korea hosted the Olympic Games of 1988 at Seoul and finished at the 4th position in the final ranking table, which is until nowadays their bestranking. Four years later, Spain hosted the Olympic Games, in Barcelona in which the nation improved its ranking by 19 places, jumping from the 25th position in the Olympic Games of 1988 to the remarkable 6th position in 1992, the best position they reached in its Olympic history.

The same applied for China and Brazil. China’s best position in the Olympic Games was achieved in 2008, which was the 1st place in the final ranking table. Moreover, Brazil, the host of the latest Olympic Games (Rio 2016), achieved its best position at the 13th place. Australia’s best position in the last eight Olympic Games was the 4th place at Sydney in 2000. The same happened with Greece in the Olympic Games of 2004 in Athens, where it increased to the 15th position.

Even the United States of America, a nation which is considered the most successful improved its position when it hosted the Games which proven the point as the USA has never gone out of the top 3, usually finished at the 1st or the 2nd position. USA organized the Games of 1996 in Atlanta where their final position improved in comparison to the results of the Olympic Games of 1988 and of 1992. Last but not least, the exception of Great Britain: They finished at their best position ( the 2nd) in the Olympic Games of 2016 in Brazil, whereas at the Olympic Games of 2012 in London, they finished at the 3rd position. So, Great Britain was the only nation that didn’t have the best position while hosting the Games during the last eight Olympic Games.