Olympics Sports for Old Athletes

Watching Michael Phelps got the 23rd gold medal, and Simone Biles our beat her opponents on the gymnastics floor at the 2016 Olympics fill you with a combination of awe and wistfulness. You have been dreamed of competing on an international athletic stage, but you didn’t get the right training when you were young and now you are getting older. Being old doesn’t mean you have to hang up your hopes for Olympic gold. In fact, the oldest Olympian has ever competed in a Summer Olympic Games was 62-year old Julie Brougham from New Zealand. She competed for a medal in equestrian dressage; however, she didn’t make it to the finals. Still, her effort was admirable and who knows she may still be back.

Anyway, Julie isn’t the oldest Olympian ever to compete but Oscar Swahn from Sweden. He was the oldest gold medalist in Olympic history at 64 years old when he participated in 1912 as a shooter. And, that wasn’t even the end of Swahn’s competitive years as he returned to the Games in 1920 when he wa 72-year-old, taking a silver medal in another team shooting event.

You see, there are many opportunities wide open, especially when the athletic events are more widely publicized and participated in than ever. Hence, if you’re really passionate about making your name to one of those Olympic medal, you may still have a shot. Sometimes age really does matter.The important thing is to set your sights and train for the final result. 


And remember, this path won’t be easy. Besides intensive training to build incredible cardiovascular and muscular endurance to qualify for the game, you’ll need to have a natural talent and choose wisely the sport to participate. Here’s the list of sport that qualified old atheists. 





Road Cycling


Table Tennis


Water polo