The 15 greatest teams in Olympic all the time

Olympic is the biggest sport event in the world which collects all talented and famous athletes all over the world.

Almost people want to conquer the best title at Olympic as the highest target in their career. In this article, we continue to collect top the best greatest teams in Olympic history during the time. 

Following it to discover whether which national teams or sports are on the rankings with the international records.

3/ The Soviet hockey team in 1976

During the 1960s and 1970s, the Soviet hockey team always dominated the ranking as the best hockey team. Then they were defeated by the American scrappers. However, they always wanted to recover their achievement in hockey history.

As good result of their strong willingness, the Soviets skated to trophy in 1976 in Innsbruck easily and surprisingly. They had a great performance against the USA professionals with final score 40-11. Actually, this result was still considered as one of the most decisive scores during hockey history until now.

By persuasive performance, they owned a big mount of hockey fans in the world.

4/ The USA men hockey team in 1980

After the decade of Soviets, the USA dominated winning of hockey since 1970s. Above of titles and trophies, the Olympics in 1980 at the Lake Placid was one of the most impressive performance of the hockey team under management of Herb Brooks.

Actually. This team reached winning in 1960. However, they only persuaded your team when they were in 1980 Olympics. Although they were not predicted for a contender of winning, they still did well to assure about their dramatic performance all the time.

In this Olympics event, the USA team defeated the Soviets in the semi-final round who was the first choice for trophy. Then they were against the Finnish team in final to win the title.