The 15 greatest teams in Olympic all the time

Olympic is the biggest sport festival in the world which collects millions of professional athletes and fans to join. Besides finding the winning for many sports such as volleyball, swimming, badminton so on, this event is also a good chance to connect people from other nations and continents at the same place. It is a positive signal about co-operation, sharing and treatment as friends. Therefore, Olympic is always welcomed and cheered up by all people.

In this article, we share top 15 greatest teams becoming outstanding in Olympic all the time. The fact that we can see many players overcoming records through other Olympics. They are all excellent and talented to be praised. However, we only collect some major teams in almost subject to look overall about Olympic event.

1/ The USA men’s volleyball team in 1988

During history of volleyball in Olympic, the Soviets are always highly appreciated for the championship.

In 1984, because of some reasons, the Soviets were absent. As a good result, it was a good choice for other teams to complete for winning. The USA men team defeated the Brazil to reach the first winning in volleyball history. Someone considered that their victory was as a fluke because they didn’t face with the strongest opponent.

However, Olympic in 1988, the Soviets came back and claimed that the USA was the first team they would defeat. However, the USA expressed power and connection of all team to compete willingly. Before surprising of many fans, the USA won the gold within four sets. This was the first time they overcame the best team in volleyball to reach championship.

Since this event, the Soviets didn’t dominate prizes of volleyball lonely. The USA was voted for the ranking of top the best volleyball teams in the world.

2/ The USA women’s soccer team in 2004

During the Olympics in 2000, 2003, the USA women continued to disappoint the fans with their showings. 

Going to 2004 Olympic, they were not highly appreciated because their performance were not stable in some events before. However, these women expressed well and amazingly to create winning against Brazil and win the goal. This team was excellent and supportive each other with new generation.

The 1996, 2008, and 2012 U.S. Women’s soccer teams could have all made this list easily as well, but it’s the 2004 team that really stands out in the crowd. The lead-up to the 2004 games was already full of drama, as it was set to be the last hoorah for the fabled Fab Five. After their iconic 1999 World Cup win that saw Mia Hamm capture the heart of a nation, the Women’s national team had disappointing showings in both the 2000 Olympics and 2003 World Cup.