The history of modern Olympic games (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share major events about history of the modern Olympic game through the time.

According to sharing from the former article, the ancient Olympic game is original of the modern Olympic game. However, in 1800s, some games required strict regulations, local athletes were under pressure to reach great achievements which affected badly quality and value of sports. Therefore, some representatives in Greece organized meeting and reference to establish new event, called as the modern Olympic game. This was successful of sports which remarked important roles in growth of sports and the human life.

By determination and genius talent of Baron de Coubertin, the first season of modern Olympic game was organized in Greece, although his initial ideal was in France.

As a good consequence, there was 13 countries to join the first event with 9 sports, including: cycling, swimming, track and field, weight lifting, shooting, wrestling, lawn tennis, gymnastics and fencing. The US team was the most excellent when they dominated some sports like track and field, swimming.

After success of the first season, the council agreed to move it to other nation every four years. This policy was great to express connection and sharing among nations in the world.

As soon as the first game was finished, the council decided to organize the second game in France in 1904, after 4 years later.

Then after 3 seasons, the competitors increase surprisingly from 322 to 2082 people. It was an amazing number for a sporting event.

In 1924, the Council decided to organize the Winter Olympic which expressed special sports in the winter like ice hockey, figure skating or skiing, bobsled, luge so on. This policy was welcomed warmly because athletes had more opportunity to express their talent.