The most popular Olympic Games (part 1)

Olympic Games are an important part of people’s lives, which are highly competitive and tough to play. Lots of efforts is put in these games and sports by athletes from all over the world who come to participate in this global sports fest. Billions of people follow and witness athletes compete to win and achieve the victory medal. So far the USA has the most number of medals in the Olympics, followed by China, Brazil, and others. It takes a lot of effort and skills to master a technique and takes a lifetime to perfect one move. And for these reasons, athletes should be validated, praised and respect than any other entertainers, for their hard working. 

In this post, we introduce the most popular and toughest Olympic Games

  1. Rugby

Rugby is one of the most popular and most appropriate Olympic sports, with its 15-player version appeared at the Olympic Games between 1900 and 1924. The athletes are brave, skillful, and speed.

Team Fiji achieved the rugby championship in the 2016 Rio Olympics Games and made to the list of historic moments in the Olympics.

  1. Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting is an official sport in the modern Olympic Games in which the athlete must tries to lift a  single lift of a barbell loaded with maximum weights with three attempts, and the combined total of the two highest successful lifts is the overall result within a bodyweight category. Bodyweight categories aren’t the same for male and female competitors.

This sport is rated as one of the favorite games in the Olympics. 

  1. Tennis

Tennis was first appeared as a Summer Olympic sport in the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens. In the inaugural Olympic Games, only men’s singles and men’s doubles tournaments were played which was a very big deal back then as Women were not allowed to compete in singles and mixed doubles tennis events until the Olympic Games in 1900.