The most popular Olympic Sports (part 2)

  • Soccer/Association Football

Football or Soccer is the most popular sports worldwide and it is no doubt that it is popular as an Olympic sport as well. Billions of people watch football and adore football players.

Football was not included in the program of the modern Olympic Games in 1896, as international football was not being fancy at the time. Women’s soccer was not added in the summer Olympic Games’ sport list until 1996.


In 1936, this game has become an official Olympic sport for men and exactly 40 years late, in 1976…women’s basketball was added in the Olympics. It is one of the most popular sports to be watched in America as well as other first world countries. The United States is the most successful country in Olympic basketball so far thanks to the achievements of the United States men’s teams winning 15 out of 18 tournaments that they participated in.


Competitive Volleyball is a part of the summer Olympic since 1964. And interestingly unlike other games, it was applicable for both men as well as women to compete in the Olympic right from the beginning. Ever since, volleyball has become a part of American sports demonstration event which people love to play as well as watch. It also one of the most popular of the modern Olympic Games.

Water Sports

Water sports includes diving, surfing, rafting, and many others. Swimming is excluded in this category because it is itself a huge category within the top most popular Olympic sports. Besides swimming, diving and rafting are also the popular water sports of the Popular Olympic Sports that exists to date.

Swimming has been an Olympic game for ages and is the second favorite among the top most popular Olympic sports due to its healthy practice and the inspiration that it spreads to thousands to take swimming lessons.


Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance that requires strength, elasticity, stability, liveliness, durability, and control of the arms, legs, shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles. Olympic gymnastics include floor exercises, individuals all-around, parallel bars, vault and so on.