The Most Popular Summer Olympic Sport

The Olympic Games is the most prestigious sporting event in the world with a wide range of sports, but noticeably there are a couple of popular sports that are not included at the Olympics, such as cricket and American football. Although there are opinions that the list should be renewed with more modern sports to attract young generations to the games, it still hasn’t been updated. In term of current included sports, there have been a few analyses of popularity of those at this premier world sports event, using various measurement methods. 

It is obvious that the most popular world sport is soccer due to its huge fan based, that makes it is also very popular at the Summer Olympics. Swimming and athletics are also very popular in competition with soccer during the Olympics.

Besides soccer, here are some that must be mentioned:

Based on Tweets during the 2012 Olympics, soccer/ football was the most popular with over 5 million Tweets. And another 1 million Tweets each athlete of the Games including sprinter Usain Bolt, and nine other Olympians. Additionally, the biggest moments of competition was the Usain Bolt winning gold in the 200m sprint which was measured by Tweets per minute.

In 2005, Volley is the most Widely Played Olympic Sport based on the announcement of National Federations.

In 2004, IOC Website Traffic which is the software that analysis of internet traffic to each sport section of the IOC found aquatics/ swimming to be the most visited section. 

Data from newspaper articles of the Olympic Program Commission about the 2004 Olympic Games showed that the sports with the most articles published are Athletics (Track and Field), swimming to be the second and soccer to be the third. 

Top end Sports Poll shows the leading sports voted as the favorite Summer Olympics sport are gymnastics, track & field and swimming. The least favorite Olympic sport are equestrian and, race walking.