The Oldest Olympic Sports (part 2)

Double-Stade Foot Race (Diaulos)
The diaulos or double-stade foot race become one on the list of Olympic sports in 724 B.C and was the second event added to Olympic Games. The sport was similar to the first Olympic running event stadion, but the distance was twice the length. Athletes must race to the end of the stadion track and sprint back to the starting line.
In double-stade foot race, a pole called a kampter was rooted in the ground, which required athletes to hoop around in order to complete the race. That is why diaulos runners needed more endurance and had to be built stronger than normal stadion runners. This sport is still played today with the distance of 400 m race.

Running (Stadion)

The running race known as stadion or stade is the oldest Olympic Sport in the world which was the very first Olympics sport in 776 B.C. and remained the only sport at the Games until 724 B.C.
Originally, the length of the race was 600 Greek feet, but this was not a standardized unit to measure so the race was varied. The original stadion in Olympia was about 192 m (629.9 ft) which was the name of the building that the sport took place. This word became stadium in Latin and English nowadays and that is also the reason why we call sports arenas stadiums. The stadion race remains the most prestigious event in the ancient Olympics as well as modern Olympic Games, even after other sports were introduced. Audience was so adore of the game that the winner of the race was considered the victor of the entire Games and each Olympiad was named after the winner. The stadion is still in the Olympic Games list today with the running distance of 200m.

Knowing about this make you any more exciting to the Olympic 2020 in Japan?