Top the most popular sports in Olympic festival

The Olympic is the highest sport event for all athletes and sports fans in the world. At one hosting nation, they appoint some fixed sports for Olympic, then athletes compete as if they are fighting to win victory for their nations.

The truth that one Olympics has other different sports depending appointing of the host and negotiation with the International sport federation.

In this article, we continue to share top the most popular sports in Olympic ever. In the last article, we referred to Gymnastics, Swimming as well track and field. Following this article now to see the popular sports ranking.

4/ Water sports

Water sports excludes swimming because swimming is a regular category in Olympic.

Per Olympic festival, the federation suggests some water sports like diving, rafting or surfing. It depends on locations of the host whether which sport they can organize.

5/ Volleyball

Since the summer Olympic in 1964, volleyball has become an official sport for Olympic events. There are 2 form of volleyball like beach and field. Both form is allowed to organize in this event.

One special aspect of volleyball compared with other sports is offering all options for both men and women in both versions.

In the demonstration event at the beginning, volleyball becomes a necessary part to welcome to everyone in the world. This sport also owns a huge number of fans.

6/ Basketball

Although basketball has been just applied to Olympic events since 1976, it is one of the most favorite sports of fans.

The first Olympic with basketball was in 1976 when they organized basketball competition for women. Then it has been usually approved for tournaments in Olympics. Until now, the USA is the best nation about basketball with 15 winnings in total 18 times of Olympic