Top the most popular sports in Olympic festival

Olympic Games is the biggest sport festival in the world where all professional athletes and sports fans participate in this global sports fest. All people are interesting and happy to join this event so that they can wish and see victory medals.

Until now, the USA are owning maximum number of medals through Olympics in history. The next ranking are chasing like China, Brazil and others.

In this article, we will discuss top the most popular sports in Olympic festival which appear the most times.

1/ Gymnastics

This sport is ranked the first sport in top 10 most popular sports in Olympic game. It involves floor exercises for male and female, a horizontal bar for male, some individual exercises and others.

This sport is loved because it can perform exercises requiring strength, liveliness, durability and even elasticity. You feel surprising about ability of people to connect poses among arms, legs, shoulders and other muscles in body.

2/ Swimming

The fact that swimming is a popular sport for ages. Anyone can enjoy it easily and conveniently in public swimming pools or beaches. Because it is close to everyone, there are many athletes to choose it for professional career.

Therefore, swimming is made the second favorite ranking.

Moreover, there are many stars in swimming inspired positive though and energy by taking swimming lessons. So, this sport has a huge number of fans.

3/ Track and field

This sport is also called as athletics which has a long history from the ancient Greek Olympics. This sport brings fitness and durability for players. From this mindset, you tend to get competitive.

This sport is not easy to require running fastest. It also impacts to your though and other reactions in life. So, many people are interesting to discover track and field.